Victorian – Vintage and Estate Jewelry – ‘Time Periods’ Series



(circa 1837-1901)

The name of this time period, “Victorian” stems from the reign of Queen Victoria in Great Britain from 1836 to 1901. Jewelry from this time period can best be described as romantic and nostalgic. This is because jewelry from this time was supposed to reflect Queen Victoria’s admiration for her husband and children. Motifs like hearts and bows can be found in jewelry from the Victorian time period. Artisans primarily incorporated gemstones like garnet, opal, coral, turquoise, and seed pearls. Diamonds started becoming popular during this time after being discovered in South Africa in 1867. 

Another special fact regarding a very unique  kind of jewelry that came from this time period was ‘“mourning” jewelry. Artisans would encase the hair of a loved one inside a piece of jewelry. This kind of jewelry was given to people who had  lost their loved one. This was a way to keep your loved one with you even when they have passed. This ties back to the nostalgic and sentimental outlook associated with Queen Victoria’s reign. 

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