Art Nouveau – Vintage and Estate Jewelry ‘Time Periods’ Series

The French term “Nouveau” is translated to English word, new. Jewelry from this time period is depicted in a more modern form during the turn of the century. Artisans began using natural and feminine aspects as a main focus when hand crafting the jewelry. Natural motifs such as: butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, bugs, orchies, irises, and lilies were most commonly shown. Art Nouveau jewelry is known to depict the feminine form. Fine delicate asymmetrical lines and curvature were used to construct the now  antique jewelry. 

A popular technique called enameling arose during the time period. Enameling is the art of melting powdered glass onto metal to create a watercolor look. The artisans used pastel colors to beautifully incorporate  mosaic artistry through enameling. This process is still used today to add color to jewelry without using colored gemstones. Although structure, design, and craftsmanship were most important during this time, diamonds and popular gemstone like opals, moonstone, peridot, and citrine were also utilized . You could also find other materials like ivory, shell, carved glass, and pearls incorporated in Art Nouveau jewelry.

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